Possibly the most controversial Blog post for Sustainable Pet Food Association, but here goes!!

It has been over a year since the BVA (British Veterinary Association) said it was launching a review about vegan dog food in light of all the positive health benefit studies that have been published over the last 2 years.

What a difficult position they must find themselves in, as many vets in the UK receive their salaries from Mars Petcare (who own Royal Canin and most of the specialist veterinary practices in the UK as they bought out the Linnaeus Group), or from Nestle who own Purina and also a large share in the IVC Evidensia corporate group of veterinary practices in the UK – over 1000 veterinary practices.

These very large companies Mars Petcare and Nestle achieved initial success by selling chocolate bars and condensed milk, and now they dictate the health of our pets by paying the salaries of a large majority of the vets in the UK.

Will they want to see the rise of a healthier alternative to meat-based dog food when their financial success that allows them to float on the stock exchange comes from Royal Canin and Purina pet foods in the veterinary space?

Read more about the BVA review in the Vet Times below from May 2023

BVA launches enquiry into Vegan Dog Food Vet Times May2023