Purina HA tinned food or Give A Dog A Bean?

Why choose Give A Dog A Bean instead of Purina HA tins?


Let's look at the ingredients in Purina HA

Purina HA ingredients

As shown on the Purina website, their hypoallergenic food is highly processed. As vets, we are made aware of the vegetable protein extract that is mentioned, and it is from hydrolysed soya. It is known that dogs with intolerances normally have digestive upsets with soya, which is why they have had to hydrolyse it and break it into small particles through processing to make it more digestible for intolerant dogs.

The ‘various sugars‘ mentioned are from processed corn so your dog is being fed pure sugar with Purina HA which could impact on their dental health and also metabolic hormonal health making them more susceptible to diabetes and obesity.

The ‘oils and fats’ mentioned will come from non-sustainable fish sources to ensure that there is no animal protein in the food.

Let's look at the ingredients in Give A Dog A Bean

Give A Dog A Bean

As shown on the Just Be Kind website, Give A Dog A Bean contains very natural plant sources with a specific and non-transparent ingredient list.

There is NO soya at all in the food as the protein source is from highly sustainable hulled faba beans, kidney beans and quinoa. The addition of Omega 6 from hemp seeds and Omega 3 from Algae (where fish get their Omegas from), makes it a pure and natural gluten-free choice for your dog.

There is the addition of vibrant vegetables and fruit such as kale, blueberries, carrots, sweet potato, green beans, papaya and even psyllium husks which all feed the gut microbiome of your dog naturally. When transitioning to Give A Dog A Bean, feed small amounts initially to get your dog’s gut bacteria used to the increase in fibre. (They will love the food, so not too much too soon!)

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