UK Pet Food – the UK Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, representing most UK pet food companies underwent a full rebrand from the original PFMA in November 2022.

They updated their fact sheet on vegan/vegetarian pet food, to reflect the body of new scientific evidence in this field with a well drafted PDF promoting the benefits of vegan/vegetarian pet food diets.

UK Pet Foods link to Vegan and vegetarian Dog Food Diets

Statements in the factsheet included: “Appropriately designed vegetarian or vegan diets, formulated and made with the input of qualified professionals, that meet the nutritional and physiological requirements of the species, are a valid part of the product portfolio for today’s pet food industry.”

They go on to describe non-animal sources of key nutrients including Taurine (synthetic) and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (marine algae), etc. This represents a very positive change for the UK pet food industry…..HOWEVER…

UK Pet Foods removed the PDF and the page that originally linked to anything to do with Vegan/Vegetarian diets.

UK Pet Food are funded by UK pet manufacturers. There are major manufacturers not yet producing sustainable plant-based diets who probably fear loss of market share as this sector of the pet food market does well.

It is so important that the nutritional advice of the UK Pet Food association, is not compromised by commercial interests of some of its more influential members.

They contacted us in January 2023 with a link to say that they had revised the Factsheet and added it back into the website. Please note that Vegan/Vegetarian cannot be seen on the new website unless the words are entered in the search bars. Raw pet foods are given preference and appear on the homepage of UK Pet Foods with certification when there have been NO published studies proving that feeding raw pet food is safe.

The new factsheet omits all important details such as the use of marine Algae oil instead of fish oil and the use of arachidonic acid from fungus to ensure a truly novel and sustainable pet food diet. This omission in the new factsheet is very concerning that yet again the UK Pet Foods is now being influenced by members not producing sustainable pet foods without the valuable addition of sustainable Omega 3 Algae oil.

Plant Ingredients in Dog Food

Plant Ingredients in Dog Food

An enormously positive article about the use of plant-based proteins in pet food written by PhD Veterinary Scientist Jelena Suran in February 2024

Hills Pet Food Vets Sued

Hills Pet Food Vets Sued

Colgate-Palmolive’s Hill’s pet food unit has been hit with a proposed class-action accusing it of conspiring with vets to disparage grain free and plant-based diets