Benevo Pet Foods

After V-Dog, Benevo have been around as an independent company selling plant-based pet food since 2003. They are to be applauded for being fully ethical as a company and their food is available to buy all over the world.

The only concern we have with Benevo is that they sell and advertise one of their products as a tinned food ‘Complete for Adult Dogs and Cats’. This is a concern as dogs and cats have such different requirements nutritionally. It does lead us to question the nutrient value of all their foods, but still they remain a very popular brand using a pea protein and corn combination in their foods to provide that balance of nutrients.

We are determined to provide you with as much information as possible to make your own decision

The foods that are recommended are…..


Honest and Transparent

FEDIAF Compliant Nutrients & Balanced Ingredients


Fully Sustainable

Plastic-Free Packaging Where Possible



Provides us with hope for the future