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Noochy Poochy was voted as one of the top 200 most ethical companies globally, recognised by the good shopping guide, and winner of the 2023 LUXLIFE Vegan Pet Food Award!
Full member of Sustainable Pet Food Association
Dr Lucy McKinna Director Noochy Poochy

Vet Dr Lucy McKinna launched a fully vegan and 100% balanced dry food diet to the UK market in 2021. It is highly recommended as nutritional yeast has been chosen to give the food its delicious ‘cheesy taste’ without the dairy!! Even the fussiest dogs like it and only organic high quality plant-based ingredients have been carefully sourced. Highly recommended.

In her words, she says –

“Disappointed with the lack of vegan options for her dogs, she determined to make a vegan dog food that gave her dogs everything they needed but was also totally delicious… and so Noochy Poochy was born – a comprehensive vegan dog food with organic ingredients and a natural, delectable cheesy flavour (from nutritional yeast) – to ensure even the fussiest plant-powered pooch would be dancing for their dinners.”

Noochy Poochy launched a balanced puppy vegan dry food in April 2022 ensuring that they use only sustainable and top quality ingredients with the addition of very important arachidonic oil for puppy’s brain development.

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