Butternut Box Plant-Based

Butternut Box Plant-Based Dog Food

We have enormous concerns about the environmental impact that a fresh human-grade dog food company has on our carbon footprint. To choose ‘human grade’ meat or fish-based ingredients as they have advocated they are using, gives a very small dog the same carbon footprint as a man as we would not eat meat with every meal. The byproducts of meat industry are not being used which is why the carbon footprint is even greater.
Butternut Box launched a plant-based option in June 2022. We commend them for offering this sustainable option to owners. The only concern with their plant-based food, is that it contains the same addition of supplements as all the fresh meat-based foods and plant-based foods have different requirements for certain additions to make them fully nutritionally complete. We leave you to decide whether to recommend these to clients or not. A flexitarian option would be a better choice.

We are determined to provide you with as much information as possible to make your own decision

The foods that are recommended are…..


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