Scrumbles Plant-Based Dog Food

Scrumbles are a primarily meat-based independent company that introduced a plant-based wet food to their range in 2023. They have been able to get their food into Sainsbury and other supermarket chains which is very encouraging.
The protein content of their vegetarian wet food is 17.5% (minimum protein level should be 18%) on a dry matter basis which means that many proteins are missing from this food and it is not to be recommended to be fed solely but only used with other high protein diets.
They also use slippery elm as an ingredient in all their foods which is not a sustainable product as the bark of the tree is damaged during its cultivation.

They do recommend that this food can be fed to puppies but we would definitely not recommend it to growing puppies with such a low protein level and rather use Noochy Poochy puppy or Omni puppy.

We are determined to provide you with as much information as possible to make your own decision

The foods that are recommended are…..


Moving to Sustainability

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