Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Talk at London Vet Show
A talk not to be missed at the London Vet Show at 1pm on Thursday on the main floor Exhibitor Showcase L10 not far from Entrance S3.

You will learn facts that you have never even considered before and that will make you think twice about what you feed your own dog (and possibly even yourself!)

Learn what dogs ate thousands of years ago and why they are not adapted to a high meat diet
Hear from all the top veterinary specialists and what they have to say about plant-based dog nutrition
Sustainability is only a small part of why dogs should be going plant-based – the main factor is the health benefits seen
Hear case studies of dogs whose entire character changed when transitioned to a plant-based diet

Consider using plant-based dog food diets for all cases seen of allergic dermatitis, digestive issues, obesity issues, pancreatitis, as part of a pet certificate package, and for any dog owners wanting to choose a sustainable and highly nutritious option for their dog.

Find out why it makes perfect financial sense for every vet practice to stock plant-based dog food and every vet should be recommending it to their dog owning clients

“Wishing you everything of the best with your talk.

I am so pleased I’ve discovered plant-based dog food as a vet and the excellent results I’ve had with my own Bull Terrier Polar with her IBS where no other diets were helping. Even her coat is lovely, soft and fluffy now too!

I have been recommending the food to clients and staff now! ”

Lowri Kneale MRCVS

Peas, lentils and DCM in dogs

Peas, lentils and DCM in dogs

Dr Jo works for an independent vet practice in Devon and she asked some very valid questions during a lunch and learn about plant-based dog nutrition at her practice. Her main focus in practice is around treating dogs with atopic skin conditions due to sensitivities,...

Pets At Home Commits To Net Zero Goals

Pets At Home Commits To Net Zero Goals

There is reason to remain optimistic that in five to 10 years’ time, most dog owners will not think twice about regularly feeding plant-based products whether that is in the form of complete meals, treats or dental chews