This is so relevant as this directly effects what your pet owning clients are looking for and want. The following pet food attribute keywords increased in the number of times consumers searched for them in relation to pet food.
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Sustainable - 51.6% increase

Vegan/vegetarian - 23.4% increase

Plant-based - 70.2% increase!

Holistic - 7.2% increase

Human-grade - 22.5% increase

What Owners Are Listening To As Channel 5 October 23 Features Vegan Dog Food

An article in September 2023, shows how now a staggering 78% of British households are open to choosing a pet food formulated with alternative proteins!!

When asked which alternative proteins they would feed to their dogs, most dog owners would choose egg (77%), algae (61%) or vegetables (68%). Interestingly, although many of them would be open to feeding their dogs insect based diets (read here why insect-based diets have NOT been included in Sustainable Pet Food Association), these insect-based diets also generated the most negative responses!!


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Pet Feeding Habits
Pet feeding habits

Pax was fed organic raw meat. She used to have all sorts of issues – allergies with constant hot spots, mystery lumps, bad staining around her eyes and mouth, problematic anal glands. The vet said her bloods were outstanding – literally everything was spot on – and that if she had a 9 year old dog with such good bloods she’d be very happy so whatever we’re doing for her, it’s working.

Vegan dog Pax

Without wanting to sound dramatic, Solo Vegetal has literally saved and brought our boy back. We saw many vets including specialists and not one suggested a vegan diet so we didn’t even know this was an option for dogs. I dread to think where we’d be now if we hadn’t transitioned Duke!

Weimeraner with IBS and very thin prior to being on a meat-based diet

“The diet change to plant-based has been the game changer…and we have not been back to the vets for 4 weeks and counting! (which is incredible considering what we have been through with Lottie and her itchy ears)

Lottie on her bed

“Plant-based dog food has been life changing for Tommy. I decided to try Solo Vegetal and after just 3 months his skin became clear and his brown gungy saliva returned to normal!

Vegan Bassett Tommy eats Solo Vegetal

“As a breeder of Italian Bolognese dogs the biggest challenge is the tear staining. I have bred for 18 years.
My dogs have never looked so good, no stains and really healthy, so far we have been plant based for 5 months and are learning everyday.

italian bolognese vegan dog