Vegan Bassett Tommy eats Solo Vegetal

“Plant-based dog food has been life changing for Tommy. He is heading for 10 years old and until last summer had a good skin for a Basset Hound.

I had trialled the Solo Vegetal when I took him to Italy last spring as you cannot take meat-based dog food into the EU and also his skin had started to become problematic in the autumn. Brown gunge started to leak from his mouth and the vet didn’t see it as a problem and could offer no treatment. I decided to try Solo Vegetal and after just 3 months his skin became clear and his saliva returned to normal!

The photo shows Tommy now (next to the Solo Vegetal tins). It’s incredible. Unfortunately the only before picture I have is a video which I made to show the vet and shows him dribbling and the stain on his chest but it was too big to send on email. 😊”

Karen, Tommy’s Owner Cheshire

Duke the Weimeraner with chronic IBS

Duke the Weimeraner with chronic IBS

Without wanting to sound dramatic, Solo Vegetal has literally saved and brought our boy back. We saw many vets including specialists and not one suggested a vegan diet so we didn’t even know this was an option for dogs. I dread to think where we’d be now if we hadn’t transitioned Duke!