Lottie on her bed

We have not been back to the vets for her itchy ears for 4 weeks and counting! Which is incredible with what we’ve been through!

Lottie was my mum’s dog and she fed her Royal Canin hypoallergenic dog food  (for approx the last 2- 3 years as advised by vet) but she had human food as well….particularly toast as well as sharing in my Mum’s cups of tea!
When she was about 1 year she was on raw food but started bouts of vomiting.

I’m not sure exactly when the ear infections started but prob age 2-3 years ?
My mum took her regularly to vets for ear drops (always her left ear)

From Sept 22 when Lottie came to live with me permanently after my Mum passed away – I have been to the vets A LOT !I Then took her to vets again in Dec 2022 as she had a bout of bloody diarrhoea (but she had scavenged something from the next door garden!)

Jan 2023 ear infection
Feb – May 2023 I switched her food to PurePet food – weird powder – which website said good for allergies and “hypoallergenic “ (Chicken, Beef , salmon but actually about 30 % chicken or beef and mostly potato and sweet potato”) Then ear infections stared raging again worse than ever.
March – ear infection x 2. Vet visits
April – bloody poo. Vet visit
I’m starting to think I am bad new dog parent!
May 2023 – left ear infection x 2 vet visits
May 23 – advised strict elimination diet (Purina Hypoallergenic dog food) – no treats
Managed 4 weeks then Lottie did not want to eat the bland food so I bought bag Hills hypoallergenic dog treat as sold at vets.
Then June 23 – ear infection – this time not itching but red /inflamed. More antibiotics .
July – given steroids for ear infection ! Currently weaning.

Been advised by vet I need to follow a strict elimination diet for another 6-8 weeks as hypoallergenic dog treats are classed as a break in test and have to start from scratch. I also gave her 100 % salmon pate to help her eat anaemic kibble.
I also have paid for allergy panel blood test at vets and got the results today and they said it was actually an exposure test and the only thing 0 was beet pulp ! 🤷‍♀️.
Basically I can’t feed her Purina hypoallergenic for 8 more weeks!
Equally I don’t want to go back to vets for another ear infection, and be given more antibiotics and be told to give apoquel.

Put onto Purina HA pale pebbles which she had been eating for about 4 weeks with very little enthusiasm – in fact spitting them out because she knew before I did that they were very questionable as dog food!

Anyway, I had a follow up appointment booked with our vet for her ears, because she was weaning off steroids. I cancelled this appointment, sought a consultation with a skin dermatologist regarding Lottie’s ear infections. They recommended various hypoallergenic diets, royal canin anallergic (excuse my spelling ), the Purina pale pebbles (that Lottie was already on) ….but thanks to our video call, and teleconsult, I asked whether a vegan diet would be considered ….
They replied with a leaflet about Solo …..whoop!

We are now armed with lotions/potions and proper ear cleanser via the skin vet, but the diet has been the game changer…and we have not been back to the vets for 4 weeks and counting! (which is incredible as I was going to take out a loyalty card).
I’m not really interested in reintroducing meat proteins after the 2 month elimination period to see which brings back the ear infections and intermittent vomiting issues.

The winning combo for Lottie is Give a Dog a bean and Greta mini biscuits and Solo Vegetal biscuits (so amazing to have such a choice now!)🐾

She loves both and so does her ear! It is very funny to watch her lick the bowl clean.

Before when I tried to give hydrolysed food (recommended by the vets) – she would run away! We want to stay clear of these for life and we are absolutely converted to vegan dog food!”

Jo, Lottie’s Owner Bognor Regis

Duke the Weimeraner with chronic IBS

Duke the Weimeraner with chronic IBS

Without wanting to sound dramatic, Solo Vegetal has literally saved and brought our boy back. We saw many vets including specialists and not one suggested a vegan diet so we didn’t even know this was an option for dogs. I dread to think where we’d be now if we hadn’t transitioned Duke!