Duke the Weimeraner with IBS and very thin prior to starting on a plant-based diet that changed his life
Duke the Weimeraner with IBS and looking so healthy after just 12 weeks on a vegan diet of Solo Vegetal

“Our 3 year old Weimaraner Duke had been having chronic digestive issues for a couple of years, with things getting particularly bad when he turned 2. He had constant diarrhoea and quickly started to lose weight. He went from weighing almost 30kg to 21kg. He was painfully thin and you could see almost every bone in his body.

We tried everything. We were desperate to get answers. After many diet changes and countless visits to the vets urging them to investigate further, he was referred to a specialist and underwent tests which confirmed he had chronic IBD.

We tried 9 different brands of dog food in total (he continued to lose weight and have chronic diarrhoea on all of these). These included raw diets, hydrolysed diets, novel diets, insect protein diets etc, all recommended by a well known specialist vet after being referred to them by our local vet.

For example, Purina HA was recommended by the specialist as we were told it had no allergens yet we later realised it contained soya which is a common allergen in dogs with IBD!

Not knowing where or who else to turn to, we scoured the internet in the hope of a miracle and we finally came across your website – and let me tell you what a revelation that was. We were so impressed by the level of information about IBD, the possible causes and detailed information about how Solo Vegetal can help dogs like Duke.

It felt like we were finally being seen/heard and for the first time, we felt like there might actually be a light at the end of the tunnel.

We booked an online consultation with Dr Arielle to run through his background before we committed to switching diets once again and she made us feel like we could get Duke healthy again. Arielle’s detailed explanation and reassurance gave us the confidence we had lost in everyone else. She explained things to us about the disease that no other vet had told us before and it was abundantly clear she truly understood the mechanics of IBD.

We proceeded to place our first order of Solo Vegetal on 28/07 and we haven’t looked back since. Without wanting to sound dramatic, Solo Vegetal has literally saved and brought our boy back. Had we not found you when we did (we saw many vets including specialists and not one suggested a vegan diet so we didn’t even know this was an option for dogs) I dread to think where we’d be now!

By the time we found you, we had exhausted all other options and going vegan was our only remaining option for him. Once transitioned onto Solo Vegetal, we were able to slowly reduce all the medication he had been put on including a high dose of steroids, until he was 100% medication free.

Once off the steroids, which were only making the situation worse as it was causing severe muscle wastage and not even helping with his symptoms, the weight gain was honestly quite remarkable.

He went from 21kg to his current weight of 29kg (in 12 weeks). The photos speak for themselves. We truly believe that had we not found you when we did, Duke wouldn’t be here today and for that, we can’t thank you enough.

We’d still like him to put on another 3 or 4 kilos but the difference already is incredible. Also it’s not just his weight that has drastically improved. His coat is shiny again and the big shaved areas he still had around his middle from having scans at the vets in April when we switched to Solo Vegetal finally started to grow back.

We feel so strongly that no other dog should have to go through what Duke has been through and sadly often felt that not even the vets we spoke to before coming across your website really knew what to advise. We have shared this knowledge with all vet practices we have visited in the hope that the next time they come across a dog with IBD, they will think about suggesting the plant-based option.

From two very happy customers and a very happy and healthy Weim – thanks a million!”

Laura and Ross, Bedfordshire

Listen to Duke’s owner below on our Plant-Powered Paws Podcast

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